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How often have you had to call your family and friends just to ask them when will they reach? Isn't the answer to that question always I am almost there or I will reach in a few mins? We feel that there is a better way. Just create a new event and ask them to join. Then, with their permission, you can track their location live in the app on the map, chat with them inside the app itself, give them directions or find directions for yourself.

Now isn't that a better way to organise an event? But wait, what happens to your phone's battery life when your location is being tracked. Won't that chew up all the battery? No anymore. We track your location in a much smarter and battery efficient way based on how far you are from the event venue and how much you are moving. Even better, if you aren't satisfied with our smart algorithm, we give you the control to choose your update frequency allowing you to control how much battery will the app consume.

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  • Real-time tracking

    See where your family & friends are in real-time

  • Chat inside app

    Plan for the event or give directions in the app

  • Share your location

    Share your location without compromising your battery life

  • Notification updates

    We keep you updated about your friends whereabouts

  • Chatbot at your service

    We have a chatbot in the app to answer your queries

  • Full privacy control

    Take control of your privacy by turning off tracking completely or send updates infrequently

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To get this app go to google play store

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When we built Xingo, we did not build an app only, we built a location tracking platform & backend which can be used in other scenarios as well.

Are you a sales manager looking to track your sales team, assign them new tasks based on their current location? Or are you a last-mile delivery company looking to track your employees delivering couriers, food or just about anything? We can help you with that and build you a comprehensive solution really fast. Contact us for more details

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Did you try out our app and have any questions, feedback or concerns? Please get in touch with us and we will help you out. If you are interested in our Xingo platform you can get in touch for that as well.